France, I wish you peace 

Congratulations to The Hamilton Arts Council  2014 winners for their outstanding contributions to the literary landscape

Fiction/Caroline Stellings for The Manager
Poetry/John Terpstra for Brilliant Falls
Kerry Schooley Award/Chris Pannell for A Nervous City
Non Fiction/Lawrence Hill for Blood, The Stuff of Life.

Photo Credit: Claire Meldrum 

A further congratulations to Lawrence Hill for the Mini-series,  Book of Negroes, that will air Wednesday night. (CBC in Canada and BET in the USA) . The program is based on his best selling novel of the same name. 
You can show your support of these local authors by purchasing one of their books.

A further acknowledgement to the organizers and sponsors of this event and a job well done by the Musical guests ,Henry Strong and Warren Stirtzinger as well as the Master of Ceremonies,           Robert Howard.