Dear friends, check out this insightful article by Beth Berry

  France, I wish you peace 

Congratulations to The Hamilton Arts Council  2014 winners for their outstanding contributions to the literary landscape

Fiction/Caroline Stellings for The Manager
Poetry/John Terpstra for Brilliant Falls
Kerry Schooley Award/Chris Pannell for A Nervous City
Non Fiction/Lawrence Hill for Blood, The Stuff of Life.

Photo Credit: Claire Meldrum 

A further congratulations to Lawrence Hill for the Mini-series,  Book of Negroes, that will air Wednesday night. (CBC in Canada and BET in the USA) . The program is based on his best selling novel of the same name. 
You can show your support of these local authors by purchasing one of their books.

A further acknowledgement to the organizers and sponsors of this event and a job well done by the Musical guests ,Henry Strong and Warren Stirtzinger as well as the Master of Ceremonies,           Robert Howard. 

Lest We Forget This year marks the 100th anniversary of World War One, the 75th anniversary of World War Two and 70th Anniversary of D Day.  My heart is heavy as I consider the sacrifices made by so many.
This year, over one-hundred and fifty eight Canadians lost their lives in battle; hundreds more have died globally fighting for causes they believe in.  Consider the loved ones of those lost and the tremendous sacrifices made by so many.  

Empty Cradle Book Trailer

 Book Trailer Produced by CJ  Ricottone,
  Vocals by Caitlin Walsh/CJ  Ricottone
  Music by Michael Walsh
contact info for C.J. Ricottone is  

Hello Dear Friends in France, Russia, South Korea, Denmark and Ukraine

Heartbreaking-Condolences to the loved ones of the soldiers subjected to senseless violence in Quebec and Ottawa.

    Look for Michael Walsh at  the New York Comic Convention

Artist of comics: Marvel’s Secret Avengers, The X-Files: Season 10, Comeback and Zero #1. Publishers include Marvel, IDW, Image, Valiant and Dark Horse.

Friends I will be at the Saltfleet Library in Stoney Creek, October 7 at 2:00 p.m. Drop by to say hello.

Today we are reminded that depression and mental health issues are no joke, they are real and they do not discriminate. Robin Williams has brought this in to the public eye, a talented artist who was loved by many. Rest in Peace.

                          Ukraine in transition 

              Stay safe dear friends in the Ukraine.
   I wish you peace in these difficult times.

        HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my friends over the river


Graduates, You can be whatever you want, do something you love!

Sending love and hope for healing to our brothers and sisters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Moncton. 

                 "Words mean more than what is set down on                          paper.  It takes the human  voice to  infuse                                            them with   deeper meaning"
                                  Maya Angelou                  Thank you Alice 

     BOOK CLUBS! Wonderful women, conversation, beverages,                               treats...need I say more. Join one, Create One, Get involved.                   Thank you to the wonderful women in the Oakville Book Club at                        Kim Goodfellows house and to the woman in Toronto at                          Elaines in Greek Town and Heathers book club in the Spirit                         Loft for your hospitality. So great to meet you all.

      Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent              how you respond to it.

           ~Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

         HeartbreakingCondolences to the loved                       ones of the students lost to violence in Calgary

                         Dear friends in the U S of A and Boston

                          thinking of you on this day. 

                    Hello friends in Poland Cześć             Hello Poland                                         

Hamilton Arts Council Presents -  Reading of Empty Cradle
Monday March 3, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.
Turner Park Library, 352 Rymal Road East, Hamilton

          Merry Christmas to my good friends in the U S of A

Merry Christmas My Friends and Happy Hanukka

MERRY CHRISTMAS In Russia, С Рождеством, In Egypt,yo uwols say Colo sana wintom tiebeen, In Germany, auf Deutsch, In France, Joyeux Noel, In Ukrania, Z Rizdvom Khrystovym, In Hungary, kellemes karácsonyt, In China, 聖誕快樂!, In Sweden, God Jul, In Italy, Buone Feste Natalizie, To my family in Ireland, Nollaig Shona Dhuit, In Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka ame Hauoli Makahiki Hou! In Greece, Kala Christouyenna! In Finland, Hyvaa joulua, In Indonesia,selamat hari Natal! In Holland, Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, In Croatian, Sretan Bozic, In the Czech Republic,
         Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok, In Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Argentina,        
    Feliz    Natal, In Armenia, Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand, In   Malaysia, Selamat Hari Natal, HAPPY HANUKKA . Hanukkah, the        JewishFestival of Lights, begins at sunset on November 27, 2013 and ends in the evening of December 5. 

    I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
 The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela, never to be forgotten.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my friends stateside, health and happiness to you and yours!

Coles EastgateSquare in Hamilton on Saturday November 23rd12 noon until 2:00 p.m.
Chapters Ancaster in the Meadowlands, Sunday November 24th, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Coles Eastgate Square in Hamilton on Friday November 29th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

           Lit awards turn 20 with a sweep

        Female writers swept the Hamilton Literary Awards this year.
  Following in the footsteps of Alice Munro
 (who won the Nobel Prize in literature this October)and
         Lynn Coady (who won the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize last week),           writers Diana Walsh, Miranda Hill and Rachael Preston claimed top honours at the 20th annual awards ceremony.
       The books were celebrated during a Tuesday night event at Theatre Aquarius.
               Walsh accepted the non-fiction award for Empty Cradle. She         was up against David Collier's Hamilton Illustrated and Mark Leslie's Haunted Hamilton.
ByAmy Kenny

                    NEW YORK COMIC CON THIS WEEKEND! 

     Ales Kot/Michael Walsh,all will be revealed October 11, 4:00 p.m.

Lest We Forget

Haiyan, possibly the worst storm of its kind in history, ravaged the Philippines this week. Stay safe friends.


    The Short List for the 20th Annual Hamilton Literary Awards              have been announced! The finalists for Non-fiction are:                                                               Empty Cradle, by Diana Walsh                                         Hamilton Illustrated, by David Collier                                        Haunted Hamilton,MarkLesli

Congratulations to my fellow nominee finalists!
 David Collier and Mark Leslie