Book Clubs

Book clubs are a wonderful way to meet with other like minded individuals and discuss a current read.  Furthermore, let's not forget there's no better way to polish off a bottle of wine after that brief literary conversation and talk about everything but the chosen book that has been read.
One of the great book clubs I have had the pleasure of attending was at the Seven Seeds Studio in Toronto this evening.  Beth Alber reminded us that it is December 6th and the anniversary of the loss of so many wonderful young woman in the University of Montreal's School of Engineering Building.
There is a monument in Thornton Park, Vancouver B.C. in loving memory of the fourteen women we lost on that tragic day.Beth was chosen from many extraordinary woman artists to determine the shape of the monument and did a
magnificent job. Congratulations and thank you Beth. 
We remember and honour all the woman,men and children we have lost to violence, they remain forever in our hearts.