When cell phones made their appearance in society I was reticient to jump on the band wagon. What was wrong with phone booths! I finally caved and purchased a cellular phone in 1993.  I justified the purchase by saying that I was pregnant. I wanted to be able to reach out quickly, anywhere, anytime. As proof of this reasoning, I held back from joining the texting phenomena for years.  I confess I love my cell phone and texting has become second nature, although auto correct has given me some embarrassing moments.
I have never tried an E-book reader.
Although family and friends have told me how much they like their Kindles, Kobos, Jet books, Nooks and the like, I have boycotted electronic paper technology. You could never replace the enjoyment achieved from a real book; a hard copy of paper and ink.  To replace this time held tradition seemed wrong. Who doesn't love entering a library, smelling the thousands of books that line the shelves and then walking up and down the aisles to choose just the right story to immerse yourself in? This fall, Empty Cradle will be available globally to libraries and ebook retailers as an ebook, both epub and pdf, including, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Nook by Barnes & Noble, and the Reader Store from Sony. Technology wins again.

You can find a comparison of e-book readers on the Wikipedia site below